Any plans for an Android port? I don’t typically use a desktop, instead using an Android phone and tablet exclusively. The UI doesn’t seem to be responsive (rescaling properly for a smaller screen) and everything slows to a crawl, even if I’m just editing.

Hi there,

I am autistic and run games for others on the spectrum.

1 particular group is significantly more affected than I am.

They on the edge of social exclusion and what I d helps draw them in somewhat.

I know the roleplay aspects of the game enable them in other areas and help them interface people more easily from the boost of confidence.

I am convinced that with Astral on the tablet [android] I could make the game more immersive still. I also believe that it would help them significantly more.

I agree with this, and perhaps also support iOS. The current performance in tablet browsers has a lot to be desired. Touch feedback is rather skewered and pretty inaccurate on the play area, except for the UI windows. Performance might be taking a hit because the web browser is handing desktop calculations on a tablet, but it is great that it runs at all. But yeah, a stand-alone app would likely help with performance due to having specific resources locally installed, in theory.