An option on character sheets that would allow for up and down arrows to change numerical values

I would like there to be a way to do a simple editing of numberical values. for example in DnD 5e, I have spell slots. I would love if it was possible to have an up or down arrow. That would show up in the character sheet. So instead of having to click and select edit on the value then manual change 4 to 3. being able to just press an up arrow or down arrow to change the value there would be fantastic. As well, if you could associate the core variable X as well as X+ and X- as seperate possible callable variables that would increment or decrement the value of X by 1 or by whatever ascribed value you provide that would allow people to also have a way to change a variable on their character after doing an action from the hotbar.

Overall I think this would allow for easier resource management in games (resources such as consumables or spell slots or whatever it needs be). If you just use the hotbar action and it has X- at the end of it action writeup, it would decrement the X value and you could use the already existing roll syntax to have an action return a different phrase if you do not have any of the resource left. or at least have it tell you that you are out of the resource by displaying it the value

This would be great for games like Fate where you need to mark off Fate points.

This would be a simple quality of life improvement and usable in many, many systems.