Allow triggers to move players

It would be great if triggers could move player characters around the map, or onto different maps. This would allow players to go up stairs, through a portal, or fall into another map or area of the same map in a really neat way.

Hi @Grinlock! Welcome to the community!

I can neither confirm nor deny that this idea was what inspired us to make triggers to begin with… If that were the case, however, it would mean that we’re in the process of making this happen!

Anyway, in all seriousness, it’s on our radar. Thanks for this feature request! If you think of any other good ones, please drop it in the forums! We want to know what you want to see in the platform.


This was proposed when Triggers were initially announced. My vote is Yes Please!


or maybe moved onto the Astral plane!

Astral recently posted a video on their Youtube page about using Dynamic Dungeons animated maps in Astral. This is what led me to register for Astral, however, I can’t use my DD map collection because there is no convenient way to scroll through the maps easily. DD has an editor for this function, but their program doesn’t have all the character / combat/ and other useful information that I have come to enjoy about Astral. If there could be a better way to navigate the maps through the use of a “link” system that not only goes horizontally, but vertically too. For example, if there is a staircase and I have a map that leads downstairs, then I could link that map to the one I am currently on and it automates the process of navigating the maps list.

Here are some other use cases:

  1. If I am in a dungeon and I want the players to experiencing getting ‘lost’ with a complex maze of maps that they can only get out of if they remember which direction to travel through it.

  2. If I have a “world map” that has individual cities on it. I or the party can click on a “city name” and that brings us down to the “city map” and then from there, we can click on a “street” or “building” map that brings us into a smaller area to explore. At each level I could customize the level of detail I need.

  3. Items / traps that cause effects that move players around. Like perhaps there is a puzzle room with 2 doors and one door leads you to the next room and the other door leads you back to the beginning of the map series.

There could be many reasons why introducing a map system would be very beneficial to DM who want to introduce different playing styles. Also, there isnt any other program that has this feature other than GM Forge, but I hear their software is buggy at best. I bet this feature would be attractive to other DMs too.

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This would be so cool… Seems it may have fallen by the way? Lets hope not!