Allow Triggers to increment/decrement values

I like triggers. You can do a lot with them. Here’s a little something I whipped up

Now while it looks fairly simple, there are a total of 16(!!!) triggers at play here. Each trigger has to:

  • Set the (absolute) rotation of the arrow, which I had to calculate for each position
  • Hide the current pair of triggers
  • Show another pair of triggers

This takes a fair bit of work to set up, and also makes it hard to duplicate easily. If I were able to use triggers to increment/decrement values, it would only take two. One trigger to set the arrow rotation +=45 and another for rotation -=45 (syntax is just an example, but common to many programming languages). This would also allow a host of other options: Triggers that could slide things along, scale them up or down, or any combination thereof

There are a LOT of things that I wish that triggers could do. This would be a fantastic advancement of the capabilities of triggers, and I would love to see this one implemented!

Oh, that would be lovely to have!