Allow regular expressions/regex when searching for stats and actions in the character builder

There can easily be dozens of stats and actions in the character builder, and many of them have similar names. For example, there might be spell_save_bonus and spell_attack_bonus, along with other stats that also are related to (or contain) ‘spell’ or ‘bonus’. Being able to search for ‘spell.*bonus’ (or even just a wildcard - ‘spell*bonus’) would make filtering this sort of information easier.

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use regular expressions.” Now they have two problems.
— Jamie Zawinski

I humbly suggest using globs (asterisk) for wildcards as few non-programmers are familiar with regular expressions.


Some people not understanding regex shouldn’t preclude it from being available. For those that do, it can be a powerful handy resource.

If they’ve disabled math.pi() for compute reasons, I’m not sure they would allow the regular expression
Which would take longer to compute given the right (wrong?) input string (eg 26 A in a row)

Personally, I prefer regex, but wildcards would work fine for virtually any case where I’d want either, so… yeah, probably. I did mention it in the OP but I didn’t realize it was going to snag my asterisks and turn them into formatting.