Allow characters to have a token PER MAP

I often want to move players from the world map to a battle map. Currently I can spawn the party all in a line in roughly the right place. But if it’s a tight dungeon corridor then usually one of the party ends up on the wrong side of a wall. It’s just a lot of faffing mid-game instead of a dramatic reveal of a carefully staged scene.
Also then I have the same problem when I take them back to the world map. Every scene change causes a pause to rearrange the party, and I would much prefer to prep that in advance.

Allow seperate instances of character tokens per map (eg. Roll20 - Astral is mostly better, but not in this case). You would need a new way of indicating which map is focused for which players, but it would permit non-destructive map switching, which happens far more frequently than splitting the party (which is the only benefit of the current Astral system as far as I can tell)

This is a slightly related request you might find interesting:

So, back to your request… I’m thinking that even if you don’t have a token per map, remembering their last position would help. And perhaps falling back to the default location (as per the linked request) if they haven’t yet been on the current map.

Would that approach be good for you?

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Actually yeah - being able to place an arbitrary number of player spawn points and enemy spawn points would be a good workaround. As well as solving party placement, that would allow me to duplicate 10 goblins (or 10 kobolds on their next visit to the same map) and have the clones appear in sensible places rather than a conga line… :smile:


I wholeheartedly agree with this! Not being able to pre-set locations for PCs and/or enemies means there’s regularly a break in the flow while the players wait while I say “oh okay, you’re here… now that guy is over there. Okay now wait while I fix this…”

I really prefer the way Roll20 does this, where the player view is controlled separately from the player token, but I also appreciate the ability in Astral to have different players viewing different maps, so I think roflo1’s suggestion would be a good place to start.


Here’s what I do…

You can assign a Player multiple tokens. So, copy the player tokens to each map and name accordingly: Dave_w (world map), Dave_d (dungeon map), Dave_c (castle map). Assign Dave all 3 tokens. He can click on his pic to the left of his Action Bar and switch Characters (or Ctrl+Enter) to be on the new map, right where he left himself, or where the DM placed his token.

Don’t Move the Party to the new map. Just have everybody change which token they’re actively using.

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Oof. I usually create one or two new maps for every session, so while this is a clever workaround, it’s not at all practical for me.

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