Allow adding images from URL rather than upload

It would be a great time saver for me as a GM if I could add images via a link rather than upload, similar to when reverse image searching on Google Images. As it is now, I often download an image, make no changes to it, then upload it again.

This is really a good idea, it would be nice + it would save space on the cloud

@Mak71m10 Elbow? Server perhaps?

yes, I made a little mistake, I meant on the cloud

I know you are probably talking about handouts or assets, but in the chat you can actually do that with markdown. Example:


(This will compile to be the actual image in chat)

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I’m gonna have to remember that one, that seems like a super handy command.

This is awesome! However, I tried to launch it in a chat from a incognito-window astral game and the image is blank. Is that on me? Can you guys check if for you is the same?

I just tried the following without problems:

![Astral] (

You might find that you are only able to reference images that are stored in your Vault.

Just made some other test. I think it depend’s on the image resolution as well…

@Tanito77 I think the wiki prevents outside linking of images. I tried this one and it worked in my incognito window

When the image posts to the chat, the menu to delete the message becomes difficult to see. The “kebab” style menu is still there though!

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@lamc You won’t believe, now is working but only if I open the chat in a separated window (Chrome). However, we are almost there. This is honestly the most needed feature from my side. Astral is the top of the top for me and for what I personally ask to a Virtual TT, however sharing handouts/pictures under “GM control” is the very last feature preventing Astral to be the over the top :slight_smile: