ALIEN RPG: Year Zero Engine template

Free league publishing and 20th century fox co-created the ALIEN RPG which uses the year zero engine and i would love to see my template become a standard for character creation on Astral. ALIEN is one of my favorite universes and movie franchises. SEE link below for character sheet.

Hi @cswatts and welcome to the Forums

I’d love to see this sheet become a thing. Just got to get the publisher’s approval first.

how does that process work?

The staff review the sheet to make sure that it meets Astral’s code, then they contact the publisher and attempt to get them to approve of the use of the sheet and system on Astral.

All you need to do is wait…

Welllllll im not very patient, so we will see how that goes. I am in much more of a hurry then they will be, so i will go stir crazy unless i just forget about it haha

Still nothing? Is this still waiting approval? I am about to GM an Alien adventure and was excited to have a usable sheet…

Hi @LordNigel and welcome to the Forums

As soon as a sheet has passed through review and approval it will be available as a standard sheet in Astral.

Unfortunately some publishers can take months to complete their review process. Hang in there.