ALIEN RPG Character Template [ENG/PL]

What is the game system your template is for?:

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Sheet is calculating skills, attributes, stress and item bonuses. All other rolls like consumables, critical injuries, radiation etc. implemented. I think i didn’t forget anything.
Initiation is 1d12 roll instead one of ten cards because numbers shouldn’t repeat itself and I wanted to extend the range.

Link to character template:
2 versions:

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For using item you have to check the checkbox. If you don’t use it you should uncheck it.

Thanks for posting @wolus1

Would love to see your version of this sheet to compare to mine.

Hey! I’m comparing these two sheets:

If we’d like to make these sheets two separate versions, I’ll need to figure out a good distinguishable identifier they have differently, such as Quick-Start / Advanced or something along those lines.

Bear with me in the meantime. Thanks much!

Okay! @wolus1 I had an issue finding the PL template, I’m getting a “character not found”

I’d love to get that 2nd template available for PL community members if you’ve still got it around, but otherwise your template is available as “Alien RPG Base Character Template (Prefilled EN)”

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// Oops. I just noticed Sketch asked for an update. Reopened.

Sorry, i had to break something.
New link: