Addition/subtraction commands

Please add addition/subtraction commands for health bar.
This is the only thing keeping me from running my games here.

I only signed up for Astral because I thought it was a given this feature would be build into a program designed to compete with roll20.

Do you guys realize this feature is needed in roll20 as well so if u add this quickly it would have a advantage over roll20? This feature is a must have to big battles and many players and npcs in combat. If u can roll a dice and get the result why not subtract from health I mean that’s basic stuff guys really its 2019. If u want people to pay the same price as World of Warcraft you guys got to make things easier on the player. You don’t pay for a game then your forced to program basic functions for it yourself that’s just not how it should work.


Thank you!

Actually @Dragonwind, the competitor you mentioned does support adding / subtracting health if you have linked the token’s bars to HP/HP Max on the character sheet.

Your right it does but that requires the paid version which allows character sheets. Which I paid for a month but could not figure it out to work as described and had to give up. I can make a sheet and set hp link to sheet and everything but when trying to get attack rolls to subtract from target it did not work for me. You still have to program the function in which is the confusing part. It wont automatically subtract from the health bar just by linking the sheet its not that simple. I just think if u can click on your guy then hit attack then, pick a enemy shouldn’t be crazy hard to program into this sweet Astral stuff. The roll 20 one isn’t as easy to set up and requires pro roll20 just to try and figure out and many things here have been simplified in a way roll20 users have been wanting for a long time.


Nope. The GM has to setup the link on the character. I’ve done it with my free account and my normal GM has done it for all his players with his free account.

Then again, what you are describing now is basically turning a table top game into a computer game, which in that other VTT requires access to the API which does in fact require a Pro+ account.

Yes and No… You still have to program the ability for the damage to be subtracted from the dicerolls.
It more then just linking ur token to ur character sheet.

I’m just asking for the basic’s of roleplaying games to be built into a game your paying for seems common sense. A lot of taple-top games need to be able to roll a 20 dice/or whatever to see if u hit then a damage dice. IT SHOULD BE a built in function with the math taken care of. They know the needed functions but roll20 has kept it bare min for far too long. A DM should not have to learn or figure out programming to get a game started PERIOD things have to be more simplified.

I still see forum post on role20 asking for this since a while back. Its not as easy to set up if your not a programmer but forcing your user to program everything even while paying is messed up even more.

roll20 forum

You cant charge the price of a working programmed video game and NOT deliver on the programming its total bs. Plz Astral read this thread! Be better then roll20!!! Make being able to play a smoother transition then them and u will win this digital tabletop battle. thank you!

The idea is that you need to own, and read, the books, otherwise get an RPG game and have fun.

That been said, there is a feature request for allowing Stats to be modified via Actions, and another request for sheet linking, i.e. looking up, or in this case modifying, the stats on the linked sheet, via an Action. There is also a feature request for Targeting, such as is available in R :sneezing_face: 0

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What you are looking for is FantasyGround.

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Thank u! you are the second person to mention that too me didn’t know about that one.

Fantasy ground automate a lot of thing but it is not my cup of tea.

Another thing please, just be less aggressive in your comment.

Sorry for my tone, but I do feel that it needs to addressed. A table top game should require player involvement.

My two cents.

Agree on this automating to much made my player not involving themselves.

Its honestly just about priorities to me. Astral may add this in the future but it’s low on my list and slows the ability to get more system support out. Astral as always struck me as the lightweight/quick to run and get started platform. For much heavier lifting there is Fantasy Grounds and Foundry VTT. Foundry looks like an excellent option for this stuff as they are already adding targeting mechanics etc…but you’ll need to learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript to create your own system/modules. It take a fair amount of knowledge and effort to get started, as apposed to Astral which requires little to know knowledge to get rolling. There is a place for both types of tools.

In the interim I do it like we are at the table most of the time…characters control the damage on their own sheets.