Adding values to stats with an action?

Playing dnd 5e and one thing i tried playing around with recently was using an action to change the value of a stat.

Example: Gunslinger has X amount of Grit points and uses one to do a trickshot. As part of an action, the grit point would lower by 1. Then his next attack, the player crits and get a grit point back.

Is there a structure to do something like (Set{grit} = {grit+1}) to increase it as part of another action?

Hi @Arschev,

This is not yet possible.

There is a feature request for this though:

I suggest you vote for that feature in the meantime.

I recently discovered a way to use checkboxes to temporarily adjust Stats. Set up a checkbox titled GritPoints and then create your Grit stat with the value set up like this:

1 - ({GritPoints ? 1 : 0})

When the checkbox is selected, the point is removed. Deselecting the checkbox adds the point back to the stat.

If characters have more than 1 Grit Point, or whatever you’re needing to keep up with (ammo, charges, etc.), just keep adding new checkboxes and the appropriate syntax to adjust them.

3 - ({GritPoints ? 1 : 0}) - ({GritPoints2 ? 1 : 0})

It’s completely manual, but it might work for what was asked for here.

You can even save a few characters, since a checkbox has a value of 1 when checked and 0 when unchecked. So instead of:

You could type:

1 - {GritPoints}

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