Adding mooks


I have a suggestion regarding adding enemies/npcs to a map. It would be nice if we could add multiple instances of a single NPC to a map. For instance I would like to add 5 wolves to a map in game without creating 5 npcs. That w ould be nice to do on the fly especially if I roll random encounters


I love this idea. I need to think of how this might work but it is absolutely possible.

Off the top of my head …

One option would be the ability to clone characters - though that might clog up your NPC list, especially for larger groups. A simple solution would be to allow filtering/sorting though.

Another option might be to hold down a hotkey (or maybe press a button) that allows you to “Add Character” instead of “Remove Character” - This would essentially allow you to drop multiple of the same thing on the board. This one in my head sounds like the right option but I am having doubts about how I would do health/damage bars later on.

Open to suggestions. I’ve put this on the priority list.


I not think that roll20 model is perfect, but it is have some advantages.

How it works.

On map we have token. Token has linked with some character sheet. If it is PC or unique NPC all stats would be hard-linked (if we take PC1 from map1 to map2 and change his hp on map2 then hp of this PC on map1 will change too) , if it is non unique NPC or generic monster (I think you know rules of 5e - there we have tons of generic monster and npc) then hp wouldn’t hardlinked and we can use many of different tokens which are linked to one character sheet.

I not think that this system is ideal (we need do double linking - first token link to character sheet then set up character sheet to use already linked token - but some roll20 api give gms ability to create linked (character sheet <-> token) with just one button, so I think it can be useful for Power VTT)

Another excellent thing which is in arsenal of Roll20 DMs - rolling tables with tokens.
For example I has 20 tokens of goblins - I create one rolling table with all these tokens and then use this rolling table as token - but with ability to change appearance of monster at any moment.

Do you need some gifs or screenshot for better understanding ?

I really think that such flexibility in npc appearance is advantage of roll20. And I think that at some point power vtt will need similar functions


@PALIKHOV Absolutely agree with your points and love the suggestions. Your time in typing this all up is always appreciated.

I’ve used the other platforms and have a good idea of what you’re asking for but feel free to send gifs anyway if you wish highlighting what you like specifically or dislike. I will do my best to make this a reality :slight_smile:

These features are definitely all on the roadmap and I will begin putting a bigger priority on them.