Adding characters to initiative tracker should not roll for initiative in chat

This is a very weird decision made for the new Initiative tracker.
In the previous version it was possible to add a monster or NPC or even a PC to the tracker without any roll made. Now, if I select a creature that needs to be added to the tracker, it inmediately rolls for initiative on the chat. This is not very useful for those of us who want to keep rolls from enemies secret (behind the screen).

The first unintended result of this decision is that now players know the name of the creature or enemy they are facing. Unless it is a mosnters or NPC they have faced, reading its name in the chat with the roll destroys the purpose of “behind the screen roll” and also the discovery of the creature in question. In large maps, or maps with many walls and enemies preparing a surprise attack, it kills the immersion.

Please, either eliminate the roll of initiative when adding monsters to the tracker, or at least make the initiative roll message invisible.

The only way I have seen to make this work after this update, is to hide the monsters for a second, add them to the tracker and then “unhide” the mosnters again.

I know there is a setting that hides the enemies from the tracker, which is great, but I have not find a way to either eliminate that initiative roll or to hide it.

Please, allow the option to avoid this roll. The way it works now compared to how it worked in the past, it’s actually a step back in an otherwise great update.

Hi @Sixaola

In the meantime, if the NPCs are hidden when you add them to the initiative tracker, players will not be able to see the initiative rolls in chat.

Another workaround if you don’t want to hide characters is to open the sheet, right click the initiative action and select “Test action” or “Send to GM”. This makes the roll message visible only to the assigned player and GM for the former, and the GM only for the latter, while being completely invisible to everyone else, but will still add them to combat. It is a bit fiddlier though as you have to do it for each character individually

Thanks, that is a good option, not ideal, but can work.

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You can make any roll hidden (GM only) by adding a ? to the roll, like instead of i!(1d20 + 3) make it i!?(1d20+3). Players will not see the roll. They will still the NPC’s initiative total in the player initiative tracker unless you have it set so the NPC does not show in the player version of the initiative tracker (using that Setting or by having that NPC’s token hidden).

You always avoid revealing creature identities using the Nickname field (character window, left sidebar, display settings). The player version of the initiative tracker shows Nickname not real name, same as what player’s see under the token on the map.

The issue here, @Astral_Plane is that the players see the NPC is rolling at all, I believe.

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Hey @Sixaola - I really appreciate the feedback.

We just introduced today two new options under Game Settings > Combat. I hope this is a suitable solution for now while we work on better ways to handle combat.



This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

// Closing as resolved