Adding advantage roles to Initiative Counter

My character has advantage on all initiative roles. When our dm goes to add it to the counter it doesn’t factor initiative. He has to manually change it. Is there a way for the counter to chose the higher role?

Hi @BortLazor and welcome to the Forums.

You should be able to use this syntax:


Sorry, don’t mean to necro this thread, but it seems more pertinent than creating a whole new thread to ask for a clarification on the response to this one…

Does this work if you set it inside an action? Posting

i! {FFW+CUN}d10cf=1cs8e

to chat (where FFW and CUN are stats in the sheet) returns just the text, where as /roll on the same works, but doesn’t pass it to the initiative tracker…

Try it like this: i!({FFW+CUN}d10cf=1cs8e)