Adding a set value to a dicepool roll (ORE)


I’m trying to make a sheet for Reign 1E. It’s a dicepool system that works with matches and so far, I can do most simple rolls. However, I’m not sure what to do with its Expert/Master die mechanic.

Here’s an example for a regular roll:
/roll {Stat+Skill-Penalty}d10m>={Difficulty}

An Expert die is an additional die that can be set to any value before rolling, which can be upgraded to a Master die, which can be set to any value after rolling. I don’t think Master die can be done as of now, but what about Expert? I’ve been trying to use brackets in all kinds of permutations and custom dice to no avail. E.g.:

If I had 6+ED for a roll and I wanted to increase my chances of getting a match with tens:
/roll (6d[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]+1d[10])m

The roll itself is correct but I just can’t get it to include the 1d[10] when looking for matches.

Any pointers?

Hi @riccso

Currently Astral only supports using Roll Flags on a single collection of die in a roll and must be immediately after the roll itself. You cannot wrap a roll in parenthesis or braces and use a Roll Flag afterward.

Bummer. Thanks for the info.