Adding a ruler function


Hey Tom would it be possible to add a measuring function like roll20s to quickly measure distance. I ran my game with this on Saturday as a test run for everybody, and this was very frustrating as everyone is used to being able to quickly determine how far an enemy is away for the purposes of the range of a spell or whether they are in reach of their movement for an attack. A hotkey click and drag measuring system would be ideal so that we can quickly measure and then move without clicking multiple buttons.


@chunkosauruswrex Will definitely prioritize for next Tuesday’s release. Thank you for the suggestion and sorry the experience was a bit lackluster.

For transparency, I’m in the process of ordering more Windows testing machines so that I can ensure the platform is stable across all computers which is my only reason for doing weekly releases at the moment. If I’m able to confirm this is stable sooner than later I might make a sneaky mid-week release.

Thank you for taking the time to report!


Beside that I thought the experience was good and I’m excited to see some more of your planned features


Turns out this was pretty easy. Will be dropping in tonight’s update and officially announced tomorrow.

I’ll update the GM Guide with usage (press CTRL and move the mouse)

Thank you again for voicing your suggestion on this.


@chunkosauruswrex v0.8.5 has been released.

Please let me know if you experience issues upgrading.

I wrote more on future testing plans as well.

Thank you!



This looks pretty slick thanks for the quick update. This is exactly what I wanted


An upgrade to this which would be really sweet is the ability to measure multiple points while moving a token. Roll20 achieves this by tracking from an origin point to where your token is currently held by the cursor. Pressing space again will trigger a new origin point, and the previous measurement is preserved, the result then being a cumulative figure.

Honestly, the controls for the Roll20 version are slightly clunky, but the idea is really good. Allows for very precise measurement on a gridless map, instead of measuring, picking up the token, guessing where you measured to, then plopping the token down as best you can.


I think this is something that is easily possible. I added a card to the top of the backlog. This could be low-hanging fruit for when I have a moment to address this.

As mentioned, the Kickstarter is my first and foremost priority. After that I will be tackling new features.


Is there currently a way to allow the ruler to detach from the grid? I tried some obvious options like alt, but I couldn’t find the correct key if this functionality exists. If it doesn’t, I’d really like to see this kind of option when you get around to messing with the play mode. My group doesn’t use the grid at all, so the ruler becomes pretty useless if it’s snapping to the grid automatically :slight_smile:


I need to add that I’m having issues with the ruler function - After about 2 seconds of holding the Control key, it starts flickering high speed and constantly resetting in length and starting point. This seems like a key detection bug - maybe needs to be changed to detect while the key is held down, rather than when it’s pressed?
Chrome Version 63.0.3239.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I’m not getting those issues on Chrome 64.0.3282.24 (Official Build) beta (64-bit), and I hadn’t notice this while I was on Chrome 63, but I may have just missed it previously.


Happens in Waterfox too for me. Hrm… same in Firefox.
I wonder if this could be my mechanical keyboard?
Interesting… When I use the Win10 virtual keyboard, it doesn’t happen. I need to dig up another keyboard and test further.


No, it’s happening with a wireless logitech I have too.


I actually have a suggestion for an implementation change regarding the ruler as well. I think I’d prefer it if ctrl simply put you in “ruler mode” and then clicking put down the point. The line then follows the cursor until you let go of the mouse button.

I’d really like to be able to then just click another point and measure something else, keeping in ruler mode the whole time. There are times when I want to measure several things and this would certainly make it easier.

This would also make adding functionality for a ruler button easy, because you just make the app assume ctrl is pressed while the ruler button is selected on the top bar.


Agreed, though rather than just Ctrl in this case, maybe Ctrl-R so that Ctrl can be saved for something else?


I’ll look into the jankiness - I think it’s due to the redraw I have in place - If something updates in the bg it clears and redraws but I think it does something wonky with that ruler there.

Investigating - thanks for reporting and for all your suggestions!


I’m not really sure what we’d be saving ctrl for, to be honest. My group uses the ruler more than basically any other tool except moving the view on the map, and that already has an even simpler shortcut.

What do you think is a better option for ctrl?


From the viewpoint of strictly standardized behavior - people generally expect Ctrl to be a temporary modifier added to other button presses and clicks, not a toggle in and of itself. Think about the programs you use on a daily basis - do any of them have a function which is toggled on and off by pressing just the Ctrl key once? I’m guessing the answer is no, or if there is one, it’s a specialized program meant for a very specific use, rather than general public usage.
Holding it down to make the ruler active makes sense in this situation, as it’s in-line with the standardized use of the modifier keys - in this case, Left Click’s function being modified by holding Ctrl while using it.


Okay, sure. But I don’t think anyone was suggesting a toggle per se. Holding ctrl to enter “ruler mode” for the duration of the key press, and clicking to enable points makes the most sense to me. Its easy, allows multiple measurements to be taken really quickly, and it doesn’t prevent ctrl being used with other key modifiers.

Personally I think it makes sense to have a ctrl shortcut for text or drawing, for example, but those things would just be a toggle. Ctrl + d for example for drawing gives you drawing mode for one object, and then drawing mode ends when you finish drawing the shape or if you escape it. Once the object it placed, it’s just a token, so there’s no need for a persistent mode. Same for text. I’m not sure what a good shortcut for text would be though given that ctrl + t is used for opening new tabs in most browsers.


I think I just misread your intent with this statement as turning it into a toggle, rather than keeping the existing behavior. ^^

That said, I actually would make a case for there being a dedicated ruler mode with some advanced templates. For instance, how about a cone tool for dragon breath, or maybe a method to measure the distance from you for the initial targeting, and then an area of effect around that point for spells like Fireball that have distance from both YOU to the origin point of the effect, and then have a secondary radius around the origin where it can effect other targets? Just spitballing here - there’s times when a straight line from point A-B is just the start of the measurement I want to take.