Add youtube link as a audio option

Hey everyone!
Its so hard to find the right sound effects and music sometimes so I think a youtube link option would be great.
For example the website called watch together you can share links to videos and with a build in viewer.
Something similar built in would be amazing and make playing quick searches needed such as dnd battle music, war drums or other sound effects. Maybe also in the future be able to display in game cut scenes for story arch that are pre-recorded using the DM builder.

Let me know what you all think if this is possible?

Hi @Dragonwind

You can use animated (video) maps, preferably in WebM format, as Astral automatically converts all video and animation (animated GIF) into WebM, but may lose quality when it does.

You could load your “Cut Scene” as a map, then move the players to that map when you would like them to see the cut scene.

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