Add support for pixel dice

Pixel Dice are a new thing on Kickstarter here. They are physical dice that, when rolled, can send the values rolled to a computer program. They have their own app, but they can also integrate with VTTs, if the VTT supports it.

This relates to the Animated Dice Rolls feature request. I suspect that the 3d dice can’t be synchronized in any way with the physical dice, but rolling the physical dice and that triggering the 3d dice would probably be neat.

I can see two “levels” of integration here.

The simpler level world be something like a browser plugin that basically sends dice roll results to the Astral chat. That’s probably comparatively easy, but it doesn’t integrate with the character sheets in any way. But it may be possible to develop this without the Astral devs support.

The more complex level would be an integration into the character sheets. From what I can tell this would require development by the Astral dev team to offer an integration into the sheets and also efforts by those building the sheets to integrate Pixels for dice rolling rather than just the built in RNG.

I would absolutely love this to be a thing, since I use Astral and have backed Pixels Dice. But it’s not trivial by any means.

That’s a good point. The browser plugin implementation might even be done by something like Beyond20.

You would need something like Query Roll, but instead of rolling any dice in Astral, You’d just use the feedback from the dice to fill in the blank then do simple math. In fact, Query Roll would be the perfect solution. But yes, every sheet would have to be modified to remove any dice rolls and replace them with a Query Roll.

Actually, that wouldn’t quite work because you can’t expect each player to have pixels dice. So you’d have to have a way to use either the internal RNG or an external source. Which is similar to query, but not the same.
Also, the current prototype of the Pixels roll20 integration uses the Web Bluetooth API ( - which is still experimental and not supported by all major browsers. In fact, Firefox does not currently support it. So either there would have to be a different solution (e.g. a mobile app which connects to the dice and sends the results to Astral via a new API) or it could be this API once its more widely supported.