Add Health Bars from Character Sheets to Main UI

As a GM, I believe it’s been mentioned a few times that it’s hard to see the HP Values of characters on the main UI during a game, without the hassle of opening up the sheets. Even in the quick Heal/Damage menu at the top, you can effect the values but don’t get to see what they actually are (and for me sometimes worrying if I’ve accidentally applied damage twice).

I propose adding the Character Sheet health bar with Current/Max values to that Heal/Damage UI.

This is something I didn’t know I needed until reading it now. Yeah it would be really really useful for quick modifications to HPs.

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And you have instantly got my vote.

Although, @Mjpindara I’d rename the thread to “Add health bars from Character Sheets to Main UI” rather than Move.


Really great idea! Not sure how it’d work with multiple characters selected, but this would make running games so much easier for me

I’d presume if you have multiple characters selected it just wouldn’t show their health bars. No need to clutter things up.

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Man, I’m still wishing this was floating around.

I just ran a campaign ending battle with multiple BBEGs and swarms of goblins.
And knowing how much HP my bbeg had left would have been great to see as I’m about to apply damage, so the final kill isn’t a surprise to my players AND me.
Found myself constantly opening up their character sheet just to see if this which would be the killing blow.

Moving it here from Heal/Damage HP for multiple HP bars as it was closed as a duplicate:

Something like this could also work:
Specifically, to allow you to “quick edit” any of multiple HP bars for systems that have more than one.

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Couldn’t agree more. Having some kind of token information beyond their name translate into the Main UI on selection would be a HUGE time saver.