AD&D 2E template

AD&D 2E via For Gold & Glory sheet

Automated character sheet template for AD&D 2E based on the sheet provided in For Gold & Glory OSE book.
Automations include stats based on:
Class, Level, Attributes, Saves, Movement(Encumbrance), AC, THAC0, Weapons, Skills, Thief skills, Turn Undead, Spells per level.
No automations have been implemented for Race, Individual spell use…

Blue text should be entered by the player.
Black text is either calculated or for static display.
Red indicates a clickable action.
*note Weapon attacks and Skill checks use check boxes to select the desired weapon/skill but are defaulted to the first entry. While selecting multiple check boxes is possible only first item checked(excluding the default) will trigger.
*note parentheses surrounding some relevant actions are used. Clicking between them should trigger that action.

I can’t seem to get this…

Hi @LawDM,

Sheets are private by default, and we post them here so that the dev team can request approval from the publisher.

Here’s a post detailing how this works:

Are you still working on this? I have a sheet as well and was hoping maybe we could combine our work some.


Hey there sorry for the no response… I haven’t been using Astral as much of late.

I think I did make some updates form when I started this post.

I’d be interested to see how you’ve done some of this? I had considered reworking what I have as it did turn into a bit of a bloated mess.

Would you still want to setup a game to share our sheets in?


I did just setup this game for someone else to check out if you like to join: