Action roll prompts for modifiers

So I’ve noticed this while trying to write up actions for various games, and there are a lot of actions that have situational modifiers. Which from what I have seen in the tutorials and documentation provided there is not really a good way to apply that well to the action roll other than to manually edit the input of the action, or type the roll into the chat normally. If it would be possible I think the actions would benefit having a input option that allows a variable to be selected at the time of the roll so people who get a situational mods like flanking things or such.

So for example of the potential syntax for the kind of roll would be !(1d20+{Strength}+“Variable Prompt”), and when ran, would bring up a little input window asking for what number to add to the roll at that time, and then roll the final result.

I can see where this might be useful, but the prompt should allow for full mathematical input, as there may be more than one additional modifier.

Such as flanking + buff + other buff & so on.

It doesn’t really need to to have full mathematical input. I mean a person can total most of their temporary mods together just fine. It’s mainly just so you can have your final result displayed.

The prompt would probably work best if it was just taking just a standard numerical input as making a full formula in that input risks creating some syntax error on every roll you try it on. If you wanted it to do the math for you though you could rig the action to trigger multiple prompts to fill in the roll formula for the action.

Once the new character sheets drop (Coming Soon™) that allows for calculations inside Attributes, and Check Boxes on sheets that will allow for lists of Modifiers / Conditions to be set or removed with a single “Click”, the necessity of requiring manual input could Soon™ be a thing of the past!

Hold on just a little longer…

By your last specific statement, “can total most of their temp mods together just fine” almost seems to make this addition a “quality of life” add, that’s not ENTIRELY necessary (as you can just add to your totals anyway).

I’m not knocking it, I think it’s a good idea (having visual confirmation is nice), I’m just thinking about how useful it actually is (in my own head). My group just goes; “Oh yeah I have this +2 this +3 etc.” and we tack it on after we roll anyway.

Really this is more so you can have an fillable variable for any point in an action, not just a +1 or -2 modifier at the end of a roll. Like for the target number of OWoD that is more set at the time of the action rather than something fully in stone. Or something to allow players to put down a temporary dice bonus/penalty they would get on a roll in something like shadow run.

It’s an undefined attribute becomes temporarily defined at the moment of the roll. So the reason I’m saying the full mathematical input for it isn’t needed is more because attributes only support numbers, not full formulas from what I understand.

I can also think of several systems (Shadow of the Demon Lord being one) where there are varying numbers of dice based on the situation, which is very cumbersome to do under the current implementation and would be much easier with this kind of feature

This is one of Roll20’s best features. For example where is comes into play is a game like Mechwarrior; 2nd Edition or any Battletech game.

For example: The combat is based off a few modifiers at the same time. You decided to shoot a Solider who runs in room. Your to hit roll is 2d6 >= your Small Arms Skill of 4. BUT this round, + 2 (he ran) + 2 (medium range) + 1 (you just ran) +1 (he has partial cover from a table) So its +6 to your roll.

You could have a different modifier every time you take a shot in a session. That pop up makes it easy and clean.