Action bar - Allow assigning categories to bar slots

Here’s a thought that occurred to me, while I was looking over a character sheet and setup for a Call of Cthulhu character.

In the game, there are a lot of skills to roll checks on. 8 core Characteristics, 2 fluctuating resources, and 46 skills (plus more). Since the spread is so wide on what’ll be rolled when, it feels like the best way to make use of a quick bar with a few slots would be to just have a quick access to the different skill categories.

If a slot on the action bar could be assigned to a category, that would then unfold a dropdown (or fly-out) list of everything in that category, it’d be pretty easy for a player to, say, keep all their combat skills in one group. All their Characteristics in one. All their social skills in another. And so forth.

Multiple bars, for Pro Account users, is in development, as far as I am aware :grin:

What good would multiple bars really do, though? If I had twelve skills that are all individual checks, I personally feel I’d much rather just have a quick way to access all those skill checks together (click a skill button, pick the skill, without having to open the character sheet) than a second bar with all those skills each taking up their own button.

There is discussion of Context Menus being introduced. Sketch has expanded on the following topic:

to include discussion about features that we would like to see in context menus.

Chip in and discuss.