Account verification?

I sent in a payment to upgrade my account on Friday. How long should I expect before it is implemented?

I’ve heard some times it might be reflected until the next day, but I’d say it’s overdue by now.
Please send an email to
They should be able to sort things out.

Thanks @roflo1… I did earlier… Hadn’t heard back from that yet either…

Oh. Ok… either way, I’ve pinged our community guru over at Discord to let him know.

If you do use Discord, this is the invite:

EDIT: (you’ll get answers much faster in Discord, but many of us keep an eye on this forum if you’d rather not use Discord)

Hey! I’ll check in on this now. Today got a little busy for me so I wasn’t able to get through all of this weekend’s tickets quite yet, but we’ll get you settled :slight_smile:

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