Ability to remove Token Color from Display

I make my own tokens on http://rolladvantage.com/tokenstamp/ and they already outline the tokens with a color. Having Astral’s token color put around that just makes the tokens unpleasant. Having the ability to disable the token color display would be great.

Hi @ElectroKinetic,

Be sure to vote for your own request (to the left of the title). Devs take votes into account when deciding which features to implement. And by the way, do take your time to browse the Feature Requests category and vote if you see one that you’d like to see.

And while your request gets implemented, do note that you can change the colour of the ring (it’s under “Display” in the character sheet sidebar). So perhaps setting the ring colour to something neutral like black or white will not distract as much.

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Hey thanks for the advice about votes, didn’t notice that.
I did try searching through the forums to see if my request was already made but I didn’t see anything that matched.
I have tried B&W borders, and using same hex code as said by token stamp, but either way it’s still pretty noticeable, since Astral’s Ring is kind of thick. If it were thinner, then I think B&W would maybe be fine. And for some reason same hex codes didn’t perfectly match.

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Hi @ElectroKinetic

A large reason for the color ring is during combat. The active character is highlighted.