Ability to remove Online Game


Probably already suggested and will be an obvious addition, but where does one remove an previously created Online Game?

Doesn’t seem to be an option in my “Online Games” section, nor do I find it when in the actual game it’s self.

Many thanks, and keep up the fantastic work…

Also how does one roll multiple dice?



Great suggestions that I can certainly prioritize.

At the moment you cannot remove a game for no better reason than it never fell on the priority list yet. With the feedback though I can bump that up for next Tuesday’s release (maybe sooner if I get control of the upgrade stability)

Rolling multiple dice is something you cannot do yet without rolling each time. I plan on extending/modifying the dice commands to be more uniform with how you “read” dice (e.g. 1d100, 4d10 + 5) I can also prioritize this for next release.

Always welcome additional suggestions if you have any.