Ability to adjust pointer size in the Dynamic Pen tool

It would be nice if we were able to either adjust or remove the dot pointer while using the dynamic pen tool. It cna be hard to see precisely where you’re placing your point as it zooms with the camera, and will obscure corners and walls.

Just being able to toggle it on-off would be nice, one option could be taking photoshop’s idea on this. In Photoshop, if you hit caps lock it toggles a crosshair cursor that remains with any tool you use, that provides perfect visibility regardless of the cursor.


This is an example of what I mean. The dot on the right is currently on my cursor, and will obscure sight the same as the corner dot.

This is a gif showcasing the functionality in photoshop.

I support this change!

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Bump. Trying to move all open Feature Requests back to the top.

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Could this fall under the “Lock scale of UI elements to window size?”
Seems like a lot of UI issues are caused by scaling up or down when the user zooms.