Ability to add status effect icons to tokens

Hi! Not sure how this isn’t something that has been heavily requested already, but I would love to be able to add some sort of icon or indicator to tokens on my map to show status effects (such as stunned, poisoned, blinded, etc.). It would save so much time being able to do this in the game, rather than having a separate piece of paper in front of me.

For reference, Roll20 does this very well (the one thing they do well, I think Astral is far superior in every other way lol).

This would be super useful for most games I think, but I’m specifically referring to D&D 5E :slight_smile:

Hello @Vethia and welcome to the Forums.

You can already do this in Astral. Open the character sheet, click on “Status Icons”, directly below the character name in the side panel.

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