A way to keep the middle, or second or any dice of a pool

Is there a way in the dice roller to keep the second die only, or the third, or the fourth, etc in a pool?
I tried things like !(5d6kh2kl1) in hope of getting the 2nd best result only, but this syntax is not working.


Hi @DaniCano

Unfortunately this isn’t currently supported. Could you explain under what circumstances you would need this behavior? The more information the developers have the easier it is for them to work on developing, if it is possible.

The Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG uses low, middle, and high rolls for all of their actions. You have a 3-die pool, but the dice can be different. For one action, you might roll a d4, d6, and d8, and for another you might roll d8, d8, and d12. Those dice come from your stats.

The ability specifies which die to use from the roll, though most (or all) basic actions use the middle die. For example, the basic attack action that everyone is able to do (punch, kick, whatever) uses the middle value rolled to determine whether or not you hit and how much damage you do if you do hit.

Tachyon has an ability that deals all enemy targets the low die in damage - if she rolls 2, 7, 8, then she deals each target 2 damage. Some abilities might even combine dice, like deal one target low + high damage.

Would this be solved with a “discard highest/lowest” modifier instead of a “keep highest/lowest”?


Thanks for your answers.
I use a homebrew system (hacked from Freeform Universal) where you roll xd6 depending on your abilities, context modifiers and difficulty modifiers. If you are on a positive number of dice you roll them and keep rhe second highest dice. If you are on negative dice you keep the second lowest one. That give nice and realistic probability curves. Since you only keep one die, you have the results 1 to 6:
1: No,and…
2: No
3: No, but…
4: Yes, but…
5: Yes
6: Yes, and…

“Would this be solved with a “discard highest/lowest” modifier instead of a “keep highest/lowest”?”

Yes but it must be combined in order to keep only one die of the pool.
Something like “discard the highest and then discard the lowest 3…”

Ok. It’s not supported.
Is there any other way to do it?
Any ideas?

You might try kh2kl1 and see if that provides the expected results.

kinda sorta, but not really. In Sentinels, for example, you really want the dice as separate results most of the time.

Tried yet, but not working…