A quick question about the new fancy HP bars and getting them to refresh

Hello all,

I wonder if I’m missing something obvious here.
We have these lovely custom bars, and I was thinking about using them to build fancy-arse HP bars that track gradual damage.

So this part works:
Having a percentile health bar by having the max be 100 and the current be:
And the Player Current Hit Points being a sum of five body parts.

So I sum up the max of the body parts as PHP, and the current health of all the limbs like so:

And yes, this all works.
Except for one little thing.

The bar doesn’t update when the numbers do. Rather it doesn’t update like how all the other numbers on the character sheets refresh and calculate when you change a stat.

If you adjust the numbers after someone wrecks their legs from a landmine, the HP bar doesn’t change UNTIL you go in the edit mode with the pencil then leave.

Only THEN, does the bar properly refresh.

Is there something I am doing wrong for this, or just a limitation on how the HP bars refresh in general?

Thank you for your time.

A quick followup. I set both the Current and Max HP to a simple stat, no calculations at all, and then edited both numbers. Again, it doesn’t refrech the HP bar, but going in with the edit option and popping out does cause it to refresh.

Or at least it does with GM on, I’m not sure if a player has the ability to refresh it. I shall try that tomorrow.

Regards Anew,

Hi @RickEfinn

This is actually a bug in the way the bars work. Please drop a bug report to remind the devs to look into this.

I also noticed this, that you can use a stat for current and max HP, but it does not refresh when you change things on the character sheet. Did you (original poster of this topic) already create a bug for this?

I have not, but since you folks have found it prior to me, by all means bug em. If they don’t fix it, I’ll bug them as well.

No sense hitting them with duplicate bug entries.