A new NPC and PC sheet organisation for the GM

I purpose a new organisation for NPC and PC characters sheets for the Game Master. What bothers me in Roll20 is the navigation of multiple NPC sheets to reach different skills and status level (HP, Energy Point,…) or to verify some character rules and equipement.

We aren’t all players who use miniatures. Someone play without maps and tokens BUT use numeric platform like Astral or Roll20, Lets-role and others for some reasons.
• The distance and agenda (diary) problem
• The confinement
• The automated game rule system and character sheets (good to initiate new TTRPG players).
• Pictures sharing and Musics player, ambiant background with special effect (frog, rain…)

Sometimes it’s boring to navigate with different flying windows, to search and scroll, to close and re-open, to verify and use different buttons of sheets. During some combat with 3 or more different NPC profils, these repetitive steps are annoying.

I suggest to place character sheets like tabs on the left bar (example in picture).

Thanks for your attention.

Hi @Ghost_Out_The_Shell,

This is an interesting idea. I could certainly see some use for it.

As a note, there is a workaround that gets you a lot of the functionality that you’re after, even if it isn’t quite as elegant. You can open character sheets in a new window, and then combine open character sheet windows as different browser tabs in one window.

Again, not quite as elegant as your suggestion, but using the ability to have character sheets open in a separate window is something that I’ve been making use of to avoid the delay when Astral is “thinking” about opening a character sheet.


Another option is to just put frequently used skill checks on the Action Bar so that you don’t need to open the characters at all.

I do like the mockup though.

Yes but :

  • All talents and capacities, abilities, powers aren’t active rules. Sometimes Game Masters need to check this capacity on NPC sheets.
  • Sometimes and some roleplaying game like D&D or other classic Dungeon Crawler, Character–Players loot dead ennemies and monsters. It’s more simple for Game Master to check available items on NPC sheets.
  • Some Game Masters prefer to use sheets to update actual jauge values : life points, energy points, armor points…
  • Some roleplaying game set up instructions for their NPC and their Bestiary. For example in KNIGHT some monsters and scraps (wastelanders) have combat instruction for the Game Master in their profil rule. : what types of characters are prioritized for assaults, when to flee, their priorities for action.
  • All Game Masters aren’t accustomed to virtual tabletop roleplaying game and to programm function button (even if it’s simple).