A folder where tokens can be added that make them available from "quick character" or "add character from portrait"

Presently, if I want to add a character quickly I need to quickly add a character then change the art once it’s already on the board.

I have hundreds of tokens in my “uploaded assets” folder, and I would love to access those and make any of those into a quick character.

Add character by portrait opens up two folders I’ve never seen before and I don’t know where they came from, or why I would want to use random art that doesn’t match my setting.

Well, tonights my first time dm’ing on astral, wish me luck!

Hi @GDeepweb,

First things first: good luck with your game!

Anyway, you already found and commented on this request:

So the question is… are you proposing something different?

We try to avoid duplicate requests so that we don’t split votes. Unless I’m missing something, I’d like to close this request so the linked one has better changes to gain votes. And otherwise, please let us know how your request is different.

thanks Roflo, I understand, you can delete this.

while I have your attention! Is there a way to add tokens to the existing “add character by portrait” function? purchasing a pack? or uploading it myself?

do you have a personal hack for quick characters?

thank you so much!

Hi @GDeepweb

I personally just have a folder for each system that I create games for, then subfolders in there for creature types, like Undead, Beast, etcetera. The idea, I believe, for Quick Add is to expand it to allow you to reference characters in your own Vault that use the system you are playing, but development has not reached Beta yet, so no one will be able to say anything until we see it.

I have the same at the moment. but how do you get images from your vault folder to the game map, without making characters that must then be imported individually?

You can’t, yet, unfortunately.

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