A Couple Newbie Questions

Still a dumb newbie, so please take with grain of salt if these are stupid questions.

  1. In some of the tutorial videos posted online, they show a user placing one of a half dozen dynamic sound files onto a map. But in the walkthrough tutorial they only have 2 available. And indeed when venturing on my own i still only see the 2 available blacksmithing and one other in that astral animated encounters package.

Is there a way to search through “all assets” for every dynamic audio file available to pro account? So far I can only find them by first clicking on individual asset packages on right hand of screen, and then so far each package has between 0-2 dynamic files ive found.

  1. I see how to save a map to my vault, but can I save individual elements. For example, in the DND tuturial maps, each instructions are on a Scroll. I liked the image of the scroll and found it in the layers.
    But how can I save just that one scroll picture asset to use on another map. I tried CTRL C/V in between maps in the same game, but no luck. And top left options seem to be for entire map only.

Hi @Brant, welcome to the community!

No stupid questions, only stupid UX choices :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, never feel bad about reaching out, we have a welcoming community and most everyone is happy to help. I have answers for your questions.

1.) With a pro account, all of the audio asset packs are labeled “Audio Essentials”, so feel free to [CTRL-F] that guy and search for audio, like so:

That’s not to say we can’t do something better here. I’m pretty sure there’s a request for favoriting or tagging pro assets with personal tags, so that’s something to upvote if you’d like to see it implemented.

2.) Currently you cannot save invididual elements. There is certain images and assets that we may provide that we are not licensed to distribute for personal use, such as an image from a game kit. The parchment paper is something I’d be happy to provide you, however.

Hope that helps! Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We’re also live on Discord every weekday, so feel free to join the conversation here.

Glad you’re with us!

Another question, when creating a character sheet for a DND 5e game.
Some moves like the Clerics Divinity can only be used once per day. And others like the Spell Casters’ spell slots have a limited number of uses.

Is there a way to track in the character sheet attack spells’ code, how many times a particular move has been used?

(And if so how to reset)

Hi @Brant

At the moment there is no way to make an Action update a Stat, so no way to automatically track spell usage.

There is a Feature Request for this ability though.

Some more questions:

  1. How can I see how much data I have uploaded to the Vault at the moment?

  2. I am building a lvl 1-20 campaign. General advise: Is it better to do this all in 1 game, or better to create multiple games, each containing a handful of missions. For example I was thinking maybe the list of every map, and every token I have/will use might get pretty long.

  3. I created a map, and it has NPC tokens on it. Is there a way to save this map to a vault and import it into another game WITH the tokens still attached to the map?

  4. Am having an issue renaming an existing map. In game i go into Edit Mode, I rename the map in the field under Name. Click Save map in top left. Hit switch back to game, but my map name has not changed. And in fact if I enter Edit Mode again, the name changes are gone there as well.

Hi @Brant

1 - Go to your Account page by clicking the icon on the bottom left corner of your Home page and click Account.

2 - I build in a single game. Better management is coming in the future, then multiple games and moving characters between them will become an issue.

3 - Unfortunately you cannot, at present, save a map with tokens in place. There is a Feature Request for this.

4 - After changing the name, hit enter, then click on the map itself before exiting Edit mode to force the save.