A command line to apply a modifier to all die rolls?

I’ve tried searching through the forums and watched some but not all of the tutorials.
So my apologies if this has been asked and answered all ready,

Is there a quick command that can be linked to a checkbox for example “Wound -1” when the box is checked all die rolls have a -1 added to them. When Wound -2 checkbox is marked a -2 is added and so on?

I assume that each box would need to have a separate command

Basically I guess I’m looking for an adjustable command to apply modifiers to all actions taken from the character sheet as it is sent to the chat.

I learned from this post that checkboxes have a value of 1 if checked and 0 if unchecked. So depending on your sheet, you should be able to do something along the lines of Wounds - cbOne - cbTwo.

Of course, this requires for both checkboxes to be checked to successfully substract two. If you just want to check for the highest checkbox, you can query the state of a single checkbox like {Condition ? TrueValue : FalseValue}

And then the “nested” version would look like: (cbFive) ? 5 : ((cbFour) ? 4 : ((cbThree) ? 3 : ((cbTwo) ? 2 : (cbOne ? 1 : 0) )))

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