5e Create a Character


When I click and drag from the 5e SRD Compendium the class it doesn’t seem to do much. Sometimes it won’t do anything, but sometimes all it will do is update the Class line. (it puts the word Fighter, eg). It doesn’t update the hit points for a level 1 character of the class you select or add class features anywhere.

Am I doing something wrong? This is the first thing a new player is going to do in the campaign so I’d like to figure it out and make sure it’s streamlined.



I had the same issue when testing in Chrome.

Testing in Firefox, I can’t even get the Compendiums to open.


Ah, I hadn’t thought about the browser being an issue. I wonder if they recommend a specific browser. I’ll try out Microsoft Edge as I don’t think I have firefox on this computer.

Edit: Update, the Compendiums don’t open in Edge either.