1st Game

I wasnt sure where to put this but we had our 1st proper game on Astral last night and I wanted to give the pros and cons as we saw it.

Generally it went well, everyone managed to log in with a minimum of fuss, most things seemed to work as intended. Our only problem was animated maps, i had a couple for test purposes, which had been cut down to under 10mb, however when they were used they really bogged everything down for all the players.

Access to character sheets would take between 10 and 20 seconds to update and discord would drop for one of them and video dropped for another (intermittent but often) so we stopped using them.

Our only other issue when compared to roll20 was that even without animated maps character sheet response time such as clicking a tick box would vary from 2 seconds (best) to 8 seconds (worse).

Overall though everyone felt the positives outweighed the negatives.
We had a varied group of 4 players and 1 GM, rigs varied from a 2nd hand laptop, a decent specced MS surface and three desktop PC’s.

Oh also we were using roll20 to see the cams in one browser window (minimised to run along the bottom of the screen and another browser window to run Astral taking up the rest of the screen, just in case that would impact usage; and running discord for chat.

Hi @Renegade

If you sign yourself and your players up for Beta, you can test out the video / voice integration that is returning to Astral. The more people that test the feature and provide feedback, the sooner it will make it into general use, and the better it will be.

As for your slow down issues, PLEASE use the bug report tool when you see such long delays. It provides some Metadata to the developers, including time stamps, so that they can track to cause of the issue.

Great to hear that you guys are having fun on Astral.

PS. It is possible that using 2 browser based apps that do suck resources, and Discord for voice simultaneously could cause issues. Astral’s integrated video / voice could help solve that issue.

ok i will ask them. Will try and remember to use the bug report tool next session.