13th Age Character Sheet Template

Character sheet for 13th Age, a d20 fantasy game by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, published by Pelgrane Press

This character sheet includes actions for the most common rolls and checks, with plenty of automation for stats.
It can:

  • Calculate Ability Modifiers, Defenses and Hit Points
  • Calculate bonuses for, and roll Skill Checks, Recoveries, Saves, Death Saves, and Disengage Checks
  • Calculate and roll Basic Attacks and damage
  • Roll Icon Relationship points with helpful formatting
  • Add Background bonuses to skill checks using checkboxes
  • Add Magic Item bonuses to the appropriate stats and rolls
  • Automatically adjust HP and Skill Checks when taking Incremental Advances
  • Support easily adding actions and attacks with the explained stats

Link to character template

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?
I added documentation on how to set up a new character in both the Notes section, and as extra pages on the sheet, as I wasn’t sure which spot would be more useful.

Full documentation on the stats and actions are in a document here, but that probably doesn’t need to be attached to the sheet.

One thing I can see that could be improved is if we gain the ability to refer to the current HP in the health bar as a stat. Some bonuses should only be applied when the character is below a certain threshold, so it’s not currently possible to automate them. I’d be happy to update the sheet if that is implemented.

For publisher approval, Pelgrane Press previously said they were working on a 13th Age sheet in a blog post in May, but I’m not sure if it was finished. (You can see me eagerly asking for an update in the comments.) Hopefully my version is quick to approve!


Just posted a comment on that linked post mentioning your character sheet. Trying to incite the publisher to get this approved soon! :crossed_fingers:

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