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Astral FAQ

This is a regularly updated document. Have a question? Respond below! Q: How do I upload a PDF with Astral? Is this what the DriveThruRPG integration means? A: If you’ve purchased a PDF module or want to upload your ow…

2 April 19, 2019
Players Guide (for V2)

Table of Contents Preface Introduction To Do Things to Remember Joining a Game Joining a Session Building & Editing your Character The Info Tab The Attributes Tab Adding an Attribute The Settings Tab Viewing y…

2 April 19, 2019
About the Tutorials category 3 July 30, 2017
The Combat Manager 1 May 16, 2019
The Dice Roller 1 May 16, 2019
Audio Player and Dynamic Audio 1 May 16, 2019
Dynamic Lighting Tips and Tricks 1 May 15, 2019
How to Become an Astral Merchant 1 April 19, 2019