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What Astral can do for you? Let us know your wishes and ideas. General enquiries like “I’m not sure how but I want this thing to be simplified” are acceptable, too! Please make sure to check what others have suggested:…

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We have deprecated this category as it is being replaced by our feedback/bug reporting submission buttons located at the bottom of our site. These tools help the team to organize, prioritize and document feedback, featu…

Measuring tool or the ability to resize objects to a set number of units (9)
QoL suggestions (7)
Ability to delete or archive stuff in your importated folder? (3)
Some kind of duplicate save function for maps? (5)
Import Limit? (4)
DM privileges and Market Place subscription (3)
Map View - Vault Toolbar Improvements (3)
Export Image as .jpg (7)
Password Validation & Reset Option (7)
Tags and searching (5)
Sort Imported Assets in My Vault (4)
Beta Testers for Online (1)
Poll: Online Workspace (3)
No Weather Effect Zone (2)
Spell sheets (8)
Ability to remove Online Game (2)
Testimonials (3)
Adding mooks (4)
CAMPAIGN organising tools (2)
Group layers hot key or context menu (1)
Map Editor Features (3)
Alignment/Spacing Tool for Map Editor (2)
Online Gameplay ( 2 ) (34)
Select and drag (4)
Desktop vs Website (18)
Video/Audio chat (9)
Map size vs Toolbars (9)
Dynamic Lighting ( 2 ) (24)